This collection of work can be viewed as visual conversations in complex spaces. Through an explorative process, each of these dreamlike, abstract places has its own way of becoming realized. 

Often using many different mediums in one piece, I combine disparate elements - like collage with paint. By juxtaposing my own mark-making with perhaps nonsensical "found" items, a new energy builds.  From here, I work to introduce activate dialogue within the composition. Responding to the work as it develops further, and embracing serendipitous moments, I choose carefully what ultimately remains visible.   

Each work may proceed through many stages, including messiness and chaos. I continue to work on a piece until it is fully articulated as its own entity. The process is organic, often requiring much time and patience. I am motivated by a yearning to make sense out of unexpected, complicated situations.  It surprises me.    
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